About MIORE, passion. emotion. style

MIORE creates jewellery for quality-conscious connoisseurs who enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest. Fine materials are processed into wonderful jewels which accentuate the style of the wearer at every moment. Meet timeless classics to sparkling trends that leave nothing to be desired. A special present, often accompanied by tears of joy. Passion, emotion and style for every occasion, always. 

Quality is key

With great attention to detail and over 50 years of experience, Miore works with diamonds, precious stones, pearls, silver and gold. Miore convinces with a diverse and varied collection where quality is key. The diamonds and precious stones are carefully selected before processing. A six-step quality process ensures that only flawless products leave the house, a Miore certificate assures customers the brand’s authenticity.

MIORE's expert check – the six-step process 

  1. In a very first step, our in-house-designers draw up a design of the MIORE piece.
  2. After some scribbling, the final drawing is sent out to our factory, where experienced goldsmiths make a sample.
  3. This sample will intensely be inspected by the design team as well as the quality control team.
  4. If the design corresponds to the high quality and design requirements, the diamonds are carefully selected by an experienced diamond team.
  5. The piece of jewellery is going to be produced.
  6. Finally, there is one last check up through our quality team, before the jewellery piece will be sent out to our customer

Our experts

Patience, fine skills, fantasy and many glorious ideas are the core competencies of our experts and the key to a successful outcome. Jewellery requires a fine understanding of aesthetic in different kind of ways. Which material caresses which colour, which form adulates which size? Besides this, they have an intense knowledge about diverse materials, for example gold and silver, pearls and gemstones. And they have, for why they work for and with MIORE: the true love to the beauty of jewellery.

Our passion: Diamonds

We work with the hardest and one of the worthiest gemstones of the world: Diamonds. Diamonds in their rawness have high light reflection and an intense radiance. But it was only after the handcrafted cut that the outstanding brilliance of the diamond will be seen. There are different kinds of cutting and the most common cut is the brilliant cut. Its weight is determined as carat. Other important factors of the quality of a Diamond are besides carat are colour, clarity and the above-mentioned cut. Needless to say, all our diamonds are conflict-free.